View the printable finger food and buffet menus here..


Some menu items may be changed to accommodate any diet requirements for your guests. This must be made clear when confirming your booking.

All platters are calculated to feed approximately 6-8 people. When determining the number of platters required for your booking, simply divide the total number of guests by 6. For example if you wish to have 100 guests, you would divide 100 by 6 giving you approximately 16 platters to be chosen from the list above.


OPTION 1 – Cash Bar

This option enables your guest to purchase their own drinks from our extensive range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

OPTION 2 – Bar Tab

This option gives the host control over how much they wish to spend. It enables the host to provide their guest with access to a range of beverages at no cost. This option allows the host to nominate the value of the tab and the type of beverages guest will be permitted to access on the tab. Once the tab has been reached or if the guests order drinks not provided on the tab a cash bar will be in place.


The Railway Hotel staff, by law must refuse to serve alcohol to any person that appears intoxicated or disorderly.

Underage guests must be accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian.

Under no circumstances are underage guest permitted to consume alcohol.

If any guest is in breach of any of the above they will be asked to leave.


There are two areas available for functions. Both are able to accommodate seating or standing.
Front Bar - The front bar area is perfect for a more intimate function. The area can cater up to 60 people for a finger food style event and can seat 30 people for a buffet dinner.
Back Function Room – This large colourful space is the place for your big event! Catering up to 120 people for finger food and 60 people seated. This room offers a big screen T.V. for the use of a slideshow. If you wish to have a slideshow please bring a USB with the images at the time of confirmation.

The two function rooms will be booked where possible but generally only one of the areas will be in use per evening. In the case of two bookings on the one night the back room will be available to the larger function and take priority of the music selection.

Music is played through a system that you are able to create a playlist on or have music from different categories randomly selected. The music that plays through this system is played throughout the venue. If you are in the Front Bar you can also choose to have a Foxtel music channel playing in your area as the back room will have priority over the music selection.  

Your function space will be set up as requires by our staff and can be decorated anytime after 3pm on the day of your event. Decorate as you please we just ask no sticky tape on the walls and NO SCATTERS!


The Railway Hotel will be able to place a tentative booking in your preferred date for a period of 14 days. The Railway Hotel reserves the right to cancel the tentative booking after the 14 days and release the date to other clients. However all reasonable attempts will be made to notify parties concerned before proceeding.


Confirmation will be required 7 days prior to your planned date. Final numbers and diet requirements must be made clear at this time.
Please note that there are no refunds should there be a reduction in the final numbers.

Payment must be paid in full on arrival of the function. This will include any amount that you may wish to put over the bar as a bar tab.