Happy 2nd Birthday Hart!

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We are officially fundraising for this years Leukaemia Foundation U.G.L.Y. Bartender of the Year! Team Railway is trying to raise $2000 to help put regional families in 'home away from home' style accommodation while in the city receiving treatment. If you would like to help you can donate on our fundraising page & keep an eye out for upcoming U.G.L.Y events 💙

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Last Saturday night we had the BEST time celebrating Joel & Paige. Here is a video a very talent friend of ours filmed. Tunes by Salt to the Wound: Skipping Stones Thank you to the newlyweds for letting us be apart of your special day & allowing us to share to love so everyone can see this amazing venue in action.

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We are very excited to bring you the second Hart Bar Long Lunch and so trilled the beautiful Em Pavey is joining us again. Doors to Hart Bar open at 12 with Entree being served at 1pm. Menu details to come. 

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Tuesday morning we filmed with Sydney Weekender in Hart Bar for their story on the Parkes Elvis Festival. We made Mike an ELVIS BURGER that will debut on our menu over the 2018 festival.

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1. How long have you worked at the Railway? Just over a year.
2. If you had to be a Railpizza which flavour would you be? BBQ Chick! It is my favourite, I'm surprised I haven't turned into one. 
3. What's your favourite meal to make? Pizzas & Burgers - I like mixing up all the different combos.

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Show time was short & sweet this year for us, one lap around the animals, a traumatic ride on the tea cups & Hart was done! A win on the clowns made it all better and we left without 50 showbags in tow...

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Who doesn't LOVE a good Before & After?! Last week we had Terry Bros Parkes came in and lay the last piece to the TAB transformation puzzle! After the 2016 refurb we have been so excited to ditch the cinema star carpet for this perfectly picked pattern thanks to Bec at Saint Flo. Designs!

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This is next level! The Babybel Burger! House made beef patty, deep fried Babybel cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce & ranch dressing. 12-2pm TODAY is your last chance this week to try the Babybel Burger however we are sure it will be back due to popular demand very soon!

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